A better world needs better buildings

We design and develop innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency, comfort living and create healthy environments.

Alpac was founded 40 years ago. Today it is a group divided in two specialised brands, each with characteristics that cover different needs, and always with very high standards.

Alpac, the parent company, mainly works with designers and companies, advising and designing customised solutions for smart buildings that are perfectly insulated and highly efficient. The company assists professionals from the first formulation of the project to the on-site installation.

Helty is the Alpac Group company dedicated to HRV Heat Recovery Ventilation. Helty designs and develops HRV retrofit systems for building renovations that improve health conditions of the rooms and home comfort.

We invest in research and innovation because we love our work

From 2019 to 2023, we were honored by Deloitte as Best Managed Company Italy. We have distinguished ourselves in Strategy, Skills and Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Commitment and Corporate Culture, Governance and Performance Measurement.