INGENIUS VMC integrated window systems

The INGENIUS VMC integrated window systems are intelligent systems, designed to improve comfort and provide a healthy indoor environment. The Alpac INGENIUS line revolutionises the window hole, adding VMC technology (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) to the insulating capacity of the integrated window system, which provides perfect air renewal.

  • Mechanical ventilation integrated in the integrated window system
  • Filtration of pollutants
  • Heat recovery
  • Energy consumption savings

The intelligent integrated window system that opens new spaces for ventilation

The INGENIUS integrated window systems with Controlled Mechanical Ventilation is an innovative solution to transform window holes into structures capable of constantly renewing the indoor air. Thanks to its characteristics, the INGENIUS integrated window systems improves comfortable living and enhances the building by optimising the energy performance.

With an extremely versatile design that adapts perfectly to every architectural style, the decentralised INGENIUS VMC system means ducts and bulky centralised systems can be avoided, with all the practicality of installing the Alpac integrated window systems.

The Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system simplifies and improves ventilation inside buildings, with a constant and automatic exchange of air. The heat enthalpy double countercurrent cross-flow heat exchanger prevents heat being dispersed, and does not require maintenance beyond the simple replacement of the filters.

Comfort and health

The VMC system makes the home healthier and more comfortable, thanks to the automatic and continuous air exchange and to the dust, pollen and pollutant filters. The air, even with the windows closed, is always fresh and clean.


INGENIUS adapts to specific requirements. The integrated window systems is also available only with preparations for the VMC, for insertion later.

Superior aesthetic impact

INGENIUS VMC products include discrete applications, with minimal and elegant lines, or almost invisible applications. In this way the integrated window systems is in harmony with any environment.

Silent operation

The operation of the INGENIUS system has an imperceptible sound pressure, which is reduced almost to zero in night mode.

Home automation integration

The Alpac VMC can be integrated into the management of the home automation. Its operation can be managed remotely, via app, and in a different way for each room.

Energy saving

Thanks to the heat recovery and the high efficiency, Alpac VMC systems guarantee significant energy savings. With minimum consumption, on average around €5 per year, the building becomes more valuable thanks to the improvement of the energy performance.

Enthalpy double cross flow

The Alpac VMC is equipped with an enthalpy double cross-flow heat exchanger, which ensures high heat recovery without the need for a conduit to discharge the condensate.

Free Cooling

The Alpac VMC systems have Free Cooling technology that allows the environments to be cooled in a natural way, when the external air conditions are favourable, with energy savings of up to 50%.

Easy installation

The Alpac VMC systems are easy and quick to install, for maximum practicality and a considerable saving of time and building site costs.

Easy to maintain

The Alpac decentralised system requires no conduits or bulky centralised systems, therefore requiring very little maintenance.

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