Environments that respect the environment

Today building quality is synonymous with Green Construction, namely, a set of rules, materials and structures that provide environmental sustainability and ensure buildings are healthy.
Alpac solutions contribute to safeguarding the planet in two ways: first in the production phase and then, once installed, guaranteeing the maximum energy savings of the buildings.

alpac rispetto ambiente

A virtuous process

The production cycle developed by Alpac automatically separates the processing waste, allowing it to be recycled. The production shifts are organised to limit how often the machines are switched on and off, thereby saving energy. Furthermore, research and development is directed increasingly towards sustainable materials.

alpac sostenibilità ambientale

Energy efficiency

An efficient building is a building that consumes less, produces less CO2 and has a lower environmental impact. This is why Alpac integrated window systems are designed to neutralise heat loss and avoid waste.

alpac efficienza energetica