INGENIUS VMC PLUS 70 integrated window system

The integrated window system with the best air flow and heat recovery ratio, with optimal filtration of pollutants and harmful agents.

  • PM10 and PM 2.5 particulate matter filters
  • Enthalpy heat recovery system
  • Automatic Free Cooling


Healthier environments

Equipped with standard F7 filters, it can stop even the smallest particulates, up to PM2.5. The Free Cooling function allows you to take advantage of the fresh outdoor air during the summer night-time hours. Changing the filter is very simple and requires no technical intervention.

Efficient ventilation

The enthalpy system can recover both the sensible heat and the latent heat of the stale air. The countercurrent double cross-flow heat exchanger does not require a pipe to drain the condensate.

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Characteristics and benefits

High air flow rate

Variable air flow rate up to 75 m3/h.


Imperceptible silent operation. A sound pressure level at minimum speed of just 27,8 decibels.

First rate heat recovery

Efficiency of thermal recovery up to 90%

Automatic Free Cooling

Free Cooling function to naturally cool the indoor environment during the evenings and summer night-time hours.

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Pure air, intelligent operation

Each ventilation unit integrated in the INGENIUS integrated window systems can be fitted with optional sensors for the constant and automatic control of the air quality in every room.
The hygrometer sensor measures the degree of humidity in the air, a factor that greatly influences the feeling of wellness and liveability.
Special CO2 and VOC sensors act as sentinels for the presence of carbon dioxide and volatile pollutants, intelligently and automatically regulating the operation of each VMC. In this way it is possible to prevent buildups and guarantee optimal conditions of healthiness in the indoor air.

Comfort has never been so smart

Alpac home automation solutions allow you to manage each INGENIUS mechanical ventilation device using a smartphone and tablet.
The Alpac AIR smart app, available in Apple and Google stores, has been designed for the integrated management of Alpac VMC systems. It allows you to constantly keep an eye on the data concerning the air quality in the home, to increase or decrease the air flow and to manage the comfort conditions room by room with the utmost simplicity.
In addition, Alpac home automation allows you to set up specific scenarios to maximise the well-being of the environment and optimise energy savings, synergistically managing mechanical ventilation, lowering blinds and lights.

For every furnishing style, the perfect dressing

Alpac INGENIUS has a series of covers, both for VMC and dehumidification devices, depending on the specific solution adopted and the environment where it is to be employed.
The covers come in different sizes, materials and finishes, with touch or normal display.
You can customise the cover to integrate it into the environment with the appearance you prefer.

Excellent filtration, easy maintenance

Each VMG INGENIUS is equipped with an F7 filter as standard. This high-performance mechanical filter provides excellent protection against airborne pollutants such as PM10 and PM2.5 fine particles, pollen and allergens. It is the system that alerts you when the filter is spent and needs changing (once a year on average). The replacement of the filter is an extremely simple operation and something that can be carried out by the user.