INSIDE concealed system

The Controlled Mechanical Ventilation that is concealed inside the wall, leaving only the cover visible.

  • Minimal aesthetic impact
  • Night-time Free Cooling function
  • Very simple maintenance


Breathe freely

The INSIDE concealed air exchange system comes as standard with an F7 filter to eliminate dust, pollen, PM10, PM2.5, stale air and other pollutants. Maintenance consists of simply changing the filter. The Free Cooling function allows you to cool the rooms during the summer night-time hours.

Just a touch is needed

Thanks to the dedicated app, all the machines can be controlled with one click. The control interface is user-friendly, with an optional touch screen display. Even the replacement of the F7 filter is very simple and can be carried out in complete autonomy.

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Characteristics and benefits

A discreet presence

The VMC is embedded in the wall and leaves only the cover visible with the synoptic control panel or the touch display.

Modular air flow rate

The INSIDE concealed VMC systems can integrate ventilation machines with different air flow rates and characteristics based on the environment in which they are to be located.

Excellent filtration

F7 air intake filter capable of blocking up to 90% of 0.4 micron particles.

Thermal and acoustic insulation.

The XPS set-up provides a substantial lowering of the façade noise and thermal conductivity, among the lowest of the category.

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