INGENIUS DRY dehumidifier

The dehumidification system integrated in the integrated window system window or recessed into the wall that always provides an optimal level of indoor air humidity.

  • Independent automatic activation
  • Completely hidden
  • Automatic draining of condensation


Takes up no space, total autonomy

INGENIUS DRY does not take up any space inside the home and does not leave any visible cables, since the system is concealed inside the unit. It operates completely independently of other systems: it is activated automatically to maintain the humidity level set by the user, without having to turn on the heating, cooling or ventilation system to dehumidify.

Choose the setting and forget about it

Thanks to an automatic condensate drainage system, the condensed water tank does not need emptying, unlike the usual portable dehumidifiers that must be emptied even several times a day. The desired humidity level can be customised and set using the display.

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Integrated window system and stand-alone version

INGENIUS DRY is available integrated in the integrated window system or as a stand-alone version, housed in the wall and covered with an elegant front cover.

Controls display

The user can comfortably manage and individually set the dehumidifier's performance on the display.

Dehumidification performance

Dehumidifying capacity of 10 litres/day, for environments that are always dry and without condensation.

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