PRESYSTEM BLACK-IN integrated system for blackout curtains

The integrated window system for blackout curtains that combines the roller blind and the motorised mosquito screen, thanks to a particular specially shaped, highly insulated box.

  • Total insulation on all four sides
  • Maximum light shielding
  • Wind stopper


Minimum space, maximum insulation

Thanks to a special highly insulated box, PRESYSTEM® BLACK-IN provides you with a minimum footprint and a mosquito screen, averting thermal bridges. The box can also have a special acoustic barrier.

High performance

The technical awning with sun shading action provides greater energy savings. The darkening version does not allow light to filter through the guides. It also has a high level of wind resistance thanks to a special hinge system, and guides completely recessed in the shoulder, for a completely linear effect.

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Characteristics and benefits

Two in one

It integrates the darkening technical awning and the mosquito screen in a single system.

Refined details

Unlike traditional systems, it is a concealed solution, balancing the prestigious aesthetic finish and maximum insulation.

Thermal insulating box

High-density prefabricated expanded polystyrene box, specially shaped to house the two elements with minimum encumbrance and no thermal bridges.

Complete insulation of the window hole

Thermal break under the window sill consisting of 4 mm thick fibre cement sheet with high mechanical strength and high elasticity, closed cell XPS panel of adequate thickness with thermal conductivity λD = 0.033 W/m.

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