PRESYSTEM integrated windows system for roller shutter

The heat-insulating integrated window system for darkening with a roller shutter that prevents thermal dispersion and protects against noise pollution.

  • Versatile
  • Perfectly insulating
  • Easy to fit


Top-quality thermal acoustics

Integrated window system for roller shutter, consisting of insulating shoulders made of extruded polystyrene (XPS) and fibre cement, high density box, insulated top. It can be completed from the fourth side, the thermal cut under the window sill.

Lower costs, more customisation

It allows to you to create a high energy efficiency window hole that maximises the thermal and acoustic yield. This is a system that simultaneously allows you to establish production costs with a degree of certainty and to reduce building site costs, combining serial production and the possibility of customisation at the highest levels.

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Characteristics and benefits

Maximum customisation

Designed for housing aluminium, steel, extruded and PVC roller shutters, with motorised or manual operation. It comes in many variations depending on the type of wall and the position of the window frame.

Versatile and easy to install

Available in the FIX SERIES version, in the CLICK SERIES or in the new CRONO SERIES, providing an easy and ultra-rapid assembly and requiring a perfectly rectangular window hole.

High insulating box

Alpac prefabricated box for the roller shutter housing, made of sintered expanded polystyrene (EPS). Soundproofing power: RW = 40 dB; C = 0; Ctr = -1. Thermal conductivity: λD = 0.034 W/mK.

Side shoulders

Shoulders made of 4 mm thick fibre cement sheet, with high mechanical strength and high elasticity, category A durability class EN 12467, waterproof, with excellent breathable properties, ready to be painted or shaved.

Complete insulation of the window hole

Thermal break under the window sill consisting of 4 mm thick fibre cement sheet with high mechanical strength and high elasticity, closed cell XPS panel of adequate thickness with thermal conductivity λD = 0.033 W/m.

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Roller shutters

Light and manoeuvrable, with considerable energy savings. The roller shutters are available with a flat or curved aluminium profile in varying models and colours. “High-density” roller shutters are also available, which use foams that increase the mechanical resistance to torsion and bending.

The PRESYSTEM® integrated window system can integrate extruded roller shutters with a flat, curved or adjustable profile. Robust and safe darkening system thanks to its strength, available in different models and colours of your choice, with related extruded guides and terminals.

A solution that provides robustness and a high level of insulation. The steel roller shutters, available in different colours, can be completed by the guides and terminals most suited to the model used. Particularly suitable for windows with large openings. The steel roller shutters have a curved profile with different sizes and maximum dimensions of use. Also available in a “high density” version for greater mechanical resistance to twisting and bending.

Many different models that provide numerous possibilities of customisation, to combine convenience and practicality, in addition to a wide range of colours with guides and terminals of your choice. They are also available in a version reinforced with S5 fibre for preventing the buckling that could be caused by thermal expansion, in the event of lengthy exposure to the sun.


For convenience in assembling on the building site

For situations where the utmost practicality is required, Alpac has developed PRESYSTEM® CRONO SERIES: a patented technology that makes the unit even simpler and quicker to assemble.

This is an innovative vertical coupling system that allows the side of the box and side shoulder to be assembled in a simple, fast and precise way, thanks to special couplings and the customised production at the factory.

The CRONO SERIES has a small footprint and provides solidity, sturdiness, the total thermal homogeneity of the indoor-outdoor connection node and a high degree of air tightness even at the junction points.

Si tratta di un innovativo sistema di aggancio in verticale che permette di assemblare il fianco del cassonetto e la spalla laterale in modo semplice, veloce e preciso, grazie a speciali innesti e alla produzione su misura in fabbrica.

SERIE CRONO presenta un ingombro minimo e garantisce solidità, robustezza, totale omogeneità termica del nodo di collegamento interno-esterno e un’elevata tenuta all’aria anche nei punti di giunzione.

Maximum strength in minimum space

The PRESYSTEM® FIX SERIES coupling system lets you assemble the side and the shoulder of the integrated window system in a simple, precise and fast way. The coupling bracket reduces the overall dimensions to a minimum and at the same time guarantees a high degree of solidity and sturdiness.

For unparalleled soundproofing

Alpac SILENT PACK è uno speciale pacchetto applicabile a qualsiasi tipologia di cassonetto. Permette di aumentare i valori di resa acustica rispetto al cassonetto standard.

Alpac SILENT PACK is a special package that can be used with any type of box. It allows the acoustic yield values to be increased with respect to the standard box.

It is certified with an Rw soundproofing value of 47 dB and therefore it can obtain the highest certifications both with reference to DPCM 5/12/97 and to UNI 11367.

Wellness comes from practicality

Alpac offers a wide range of motors for moving roller shutters and sunshades, all coming with the main international type-approvals.

The Alpac motor drives with radio technology are designed and built to ensure minimum installation times and costs, as well as maximum user comfort. Thanks to the integration with domotics, it is possible to control every single roller shutter or the entire group via an app for smartphones, or a centralised display, also scheduling openings and closings based on pre-set days and times.