PRESYSTEM NATURÆ integrated window system

The wood fibre and cement fibre integrated window system that ensures maximum comfort living and promotes healthy indoor environments.

  • Thermal insulation
  • Transpiration and noise reduction
  • Suitable for the CasaClima Nature certification


Environmentally friendly and breathable

The PRESYSTEM® NATURÆ integrated window system, which is made of natural materials, is composed of Natureplus® certified cement fibre and wood fibre, the European quality brand for environmentally friendly and healthy materials. Wood fibre is a natural and ideal material for providing thermo-acoustic insulation and climate comfort. It is also a breathable material, thereby preventing condensation and mould.

Comfort all year round

PRESYSTEM® NATURÆ provides more comfort in winter and summer, thanks to the excellent thermal transmittance of the wood fibre. Moreover, there is improved sound reduction because the fibrous matrix of the material naturally dampens the sound wave, while the overlapping of various layers of different density increases the soundproofing effect. PRESYSTEM® NATURÆ is particularly suitable for CasaClima Nature certification.

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